Simple and Safe

It started out simply...

For a number of years now, I've been plagued, just like so many others, with the inability to consistently decipher those ever-present CAPTCHA images that twist and deform letters and numbers, hoping that Humans can read them, and defeating the bot scripts that leave so many spam messages on forums and blogs. Well, I got tired of it, and decided that there has to be a better approach.

What I did was simple. I came up with a different, and (I think) better way to verify whether an entity that's trying to access a forum or blog is a Human or a bot. Rather than trying to deform alphanumeric characters into illegibility, I created a script that displays an easily recognized (for a Human) image, and have the script ask a question about that image that most 5 year old children could answer. The script also randomizes various aspects of the overall image itself, to make it more difficult for bot scripts to crack.

There are two versions of the CAPTCHA4us script. Both versions use a wide range of security provisions, to make them highly resistant to bot cracking methods, such as:

  • sha1 "double" encryption of the passed CAPTCHA variable
  • Named sessions, to reduce the risk of session hijacking
  • Hotlink protection, to prevent outside "brute force" cracking attempts
  • Simple integration into your PHP enabled web page

The basic "Free" version is just that. Free. All we ask from you is that, if you use the Free version, you place a link to us somewhere on your website. That's not asking too much, is it?

Additionally, we offer a Deluxe script package. Please see our description page for more details.