Customizable & Secure

Moving up in the world...

In addition to our free package, we also offer a Deluxe CAPTCHA package that offers a wider array of customization options, a larger selection of images to work with, and enhanced security. Here's a quick overview:

  • "Honeypot" form protection, which makes it much harder for bot scripts to "bypass" your form
  • IP address logging of both failed attempts and hotlinking, to help isolate and deal with spammers
  • Extended Email support (including setup support), with response times of 12 hours or less
  • pre-compiled executable, rather than a text-based PHP script, which runs faster, and provides greater security
  • Expanded customization options, including gradient backgrounds, multiple language support, and custom font support

The Premium package also includes a full 1 year image subscription service, which provides new, custom images every month, often custom made just for you.

Right now, the Deluxe and Premium CAPTCHA packages are still in development, but we hope to have them available soon. Please feel free to use our Contact Page to find out more.