Simple & Safe

This is an example of our free, basic CAPTCHA.
Your basic, fixed-size image, with no options.
The free, basic version of our CAPTCHA script is a fixed size, simple script that will provide a wide assortment of randomly generated images, designed specifically to be easy for us humans to read, but incredibly difficult for bot scripts crack.

Customizable & Secure

This is an example of our Deluxe CAPTCHA, with optional language support and a gradient background.
Our Deluxe package offers you more options, to better fit your site's theme.
Visit the link below to see how our Deluxe package can better match your website.

CAPTCHA4us - Overview


What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". They are designed (supposedly) to act as a sort of "Gatekeeper", to allow people to gain acces to do certain things (such as register for a forum, or post a comment on a blog), or even to gain access to certain areas of a web page (though this seems to be rather rare, these days). The only trouble is, most CAPTCHA scripts available today are either easily hacked, like the image below:

or extremely difficult (read:impossible) to read:

Our Solution:

Let's stop using hard to read groups of obscured, deformed letters!
Rather than present you with a group of random letters, with either distortion, or "background noise", or lines/blobs obscuring them, why not present some sort of easily recognized (to us humans, at least), randomly generated image, and then ask a question about that image that requires a simple, one word answer? This immediately takes away one of the best tools a spam bot can use to bypass most CAPTCHAs today: CR, or Character Recognition.


Here's a list of features common to all of our packages:
  • Simple questions, requiring simple, one word answers, built right into the image
  • A wide range of easily recognized images
  • Built-in Hotlink Protection
  • Easy integration into your form page
  • At Least SHA1 encryption of the CAPTCHA code

Currently, the Free package is available on our Downloads Page. The Deluxe package is still in development, but should be ready soon.